Posted by: celticanglican | November 18, 2008

Christmas Origins

A long-standing theological debate has been whether the celebration of Christmas is strictly pagan and has no place in Christianity. Many Christians sincerely believe that some of the traditions associated with Christmas have so many pagan roots that its celebration can’t be acceptable. Others feel that the Christian celebration of Christ’s birth actually dates back to well before the Roman Empire’s adoption of December 25th. Here are some links for further info:

Are Christmas Trees Pagan? (WorldNet Daily)

Choosing the Date of Christmas-Why December 25th?

Christian Attitudes Towards Christmas Trees (Suite 101)

Christmas Facts-Ken Collins

Christian Origins of Familiar Christmas Customs-Women of Faith and Family

Christmas is Not Pagan (Our Redeemer Lutheran Church)

Christmas Traditions-Brief Reflection from Ted Olsen

The Date of Christmas (reprint from touchstone Magazaine)

Is Christmas Christian?-Hank Hanegraaf

The Season of Christmas-Ken Collins


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