Posted by: celticanglican | May 22, 2011

False “Rapture” Prediction

Yet another false end-times prediction was made. According to Harold Camping, the founder of Family Radio (different from American Family Radio), the event that premillenialists refer to as the “Rapture” was to happen yesterday, with the world to end on October 21, 2011.

There are many problems that I’ve found with the “Rapture” doctrine, which I’m planning to address in an article. The link will be posted here when it’s done. Among them are: 1. the doctrine is NOT sufficiently supported by Scripture 2. the fact that so many false predictions have been associated with this belief

Do you think false end-times predictions can have a negative impact on peoples’ faith?



  1. I first heard of the “rapture” doctrine when I was a teenager. I was Episcopalian and my school chums were a variety of other denominations. We would gather on Sunday nights (a mixed group of girls and boys) and descend upon some “interesting” church in the town. Our motto: “We don’t understand why people go to the circus when they can go church-hopping instead!”

    We saw many strange and outlandish practices – speaking in tongues; testifying; dancing in the spirit; healing….all utterly foreign and fascinating to us. And we even learnt about the Rapture! (News to all of us young Christians.)

    How I repent me of my smugness as I attended the Church of Beauty on Sundays and the Holy Roller Churches on Sunday night. How ironic and horrific that the Episcopal Church is now as Holy Roller as any I ever mocked, complete with dancing, tongue-talking, and guitars and drums.

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

  2. My first exposure to the Rapture doctrine came around the time I was in confirmation classes and had just gotten online (around 1998) I managed to find a forum that was frequented by HS and college students that had some very outspoken evangelicals who believed in the Rapture. Needless to say, the discussions got “interesting”. One positive thing I did take away from the whole thing was more of a desire to increase my knowledge of the Bible.

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