Posted by: celticanglican | August 8, 2012

Prayer Requests: Wednesday

Pray for Edwin and the Hernandez family, as they seek housing that is urgently needed.

Pat asks prayer for Lisa’s healing from leukemia, Miranda’s healing from a blood disorder and for Michael to receive direction.

Linda needs prayer for her daughter, who has an ulcer, and her mom, who has Parkinson’s. Her grandchildren also need prayer.

Tommy had a stroke that left him disabled years ago. Please pray for him, especially that he continues to encourage others.

Seth, age 8, has a heart problem and is devastated because he can’t play football anymore, please pray for him.

Weldon continues to make progress after his traumatic brain injury, please pray that he’s able to get the rehabilitive care that he needs.

O God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers: Mercifully accept our prayers, and grant to your servants the help of your power, that their sickness may be turned into health, and our sorrow into joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (Book of Common Prayer 1979)

We pray for healing for

Jon (various); Jim (various); Gina (various); Henley (f) (cancer, age 3); the Laurie family (various); Aidan (cancer, age 5); Steve (severe CHF); Weldon (recovering from brain trauma); Pastor Rick; Cherrie (sciatica); Frank (colon cancer); Jaimie (f) (leaky gut); Adele (spinal cord troubles); Katie (brain tumors); Catherine (blindness in one eye); Al (nursing home); Lynda (possible leukemia); Teresa (toothache); Debbie’s husband (heart attack); Angie (mascetomy); Debbie (seizures); Leroy; Rev. Jessie (m) (heart problems); Barbara; Lillian (cancer); Alexander (age 4 kidney and brain issues); Kaleigh (2 mos. heart issues); Debbie (stroke or anyeurism); Joyce’s friend’s mom; Julie (possible leukemia); Jessica (blood clots); Natalie (masectomy); Stephen; George’s mother (dying); Bill (pancreatic cancer); Sean (heart attack); Odette (surgery); Harriet and Vince (knee problems); Pastor Hector; Linda and Sandy (shoulder problems); Artie; Gene (kidney disease); Dylan (surgery); Cody (motorcycle accident); Ganesh (stroke); Ron (tractor accident); Susan (breast cancer); Wayne’s mom (anyeurism); Jerry (bitten by rabid dog); Gerrie’s husband; Bill (congestive heart failure); Jenny (stroke); Diane (lupus); the boy hit by a car in MO; Herman (heart attack and surgery); Tammy (MS); Debbie (seizures); Travis (accident); the man mauled by a chimp; Francis (sciatica); Bonnie (broken wrirst, financial issues); Bob (gangrene); Lou (f) (gout); Parks and Michelle (jet ski accident); Ashley (childbirth troubles, pray for her baby Nathan); Turner (possible cancer); Janee (liver transplant); Aileen (blockage); Heather (car accident); Oliver & Sawyer (twin babies who need to eat); Lee (macular degeneration); Janet’s mom; Ron (fluid in lungs, chest pains); Maryann and Saverio; Mary’s sister (heart trouble); Joe (needs a tooth removed); Mitchell (pancreatic cancer); Marsha; Frankie H. (f) (having trouble due to food and other allergies); Jean B. (chest pains); Jean c. (sick from chemo treatments); Gary B. (several issues); Jenny (stroke); Larry (shingles); Lorrain’s mother; Joanne; Michael (malaria and tick fever); those injured in the Colorado shooting; Mely and Reynaldo; Diana (cancer); Jake (age 3, broken leg); Laura Mae (seizures, stroke, cancer); Balaji’s father (heart attack, needs surgery); Patricia (dizzy spells); Mike (stroke); Gail; Alyssa and baby (breech position); Ray (kidney trouble); Chris (kidney stones, pregnant); Jim (tick fever, kidney problems); Stella (diabetic complications)

For deliverance and protection for those suffering from addiction; mental illness or emotional trouble, especially Jim (alcoholic, PTSD); Jon (PTSD); Robert (PTSD); AJ (m) (depression); Stephanie (anxiety); Mark (drugs); SIA Salon employees (trying to quit smoking)

For peace and comfort for all caregivers, especially: Nan; AJ (f); John; Janice and Meagan; Jean B; Lorrain.


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