Posted by: celticanglican | August 22, 2012

Tuesday: Prayer Requests

Lord God Almighty, you have made all the peoples of the earth for your glory, to serve you in freedom and in peace: Give to the people of our country a zeal for justice and the strength of forbearance, that we may use our liberty in accordance with your gracious will; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. (Book of Common Prayer 1979)

We ask for God’s guidance and protection for Barack, President of the US; and all candidates for public office, especially Mitt; Jill; Virgil.

For the nations of the world, especially Barbados; Belarus; Belgium; Belize; Benin; Bhutan; and Bolivia.

For abundant work in this and every community, and for those seeking new or better employment, especially Nan; Ben; Noel; Gary; Gail.

We ask for financial blessings for my family; for Ben and the Jankowski family; Teresa and the D’Agostino family; Steve and Debbie; Janet.

For those in any sort of difficulty, especially Ben and the Jankowski family (finances, marriage); KathyLou; Tom; Anna (trouble paying electric bill); Mariam (guidance); Bonnie (ill at ease); Betty’s husband (needs health insurance); the safe return of Grace, a stolen dog; Sonya’s son and husband (discouraged); Joyce’s family; Gerrie’s grandson; Bonnie (finances); Suzanne and her daughter (peace); Kenneth and family (finances); Jackie & Eulonda; Judy (needs a grant to fix home daycare); Chad (discouraged); Candi and family (trouble with home sale); Gail (job is upsetting her); Janice (former job troubles); David and family (he is working in Dubai, family is in India); Balaji’s family (needs money for medical bills); Edwin and the Hernandez family (housing); Doreen and family (need God’s peace); Sachin Das (finances & job); Chase (involved in unavoidable fatal accident); Patricia (needs a more affordable apartment); Debbie (controlling husband); Brandi’s aunt and uncle (lost home in fire); Irv (owed money, has health problems); Nina and son Luis (need a home); Debbie H. (job needs); Tammy’s friend (job loss and pastor’s death); Niles (missing)

For God’s protection and blessing for persecuted Christians, especially Asia, Gao, Pastor Youcef, Valerie; Benham Irani; persecuted Christians in Nigeria; Christians in North Korea; Christians in Maldives.

For all churches in need, especially St. James Baptist

For comfort for all affected by the Aurora, Colorado shooting.

For salvation, if necessary, and amendment of life for prisoners, especially Patrick; Robert; Vinod; and comfort for family members of prisoners, especially Sony. We also pray for the financial needs of Angel Tree and other prison ministries.

For protection, comfort and salvation, if necessary, for members of the Armed Forces, especially Megan; Richard; Canyon; Blas; Jessica; Josh; Tracie.

For guidance and encouragement for the Newmiller family as they work to help end cancer, in honor of their daughter’s memory.

For all areas afflicted by drought, including the US, Hungary

Today’s requests:

Jenean has stabilized somewhat, but still has heart trouble, please pray.

Lynda doesn’t have leukemia, let’s give thanks!

Katie (age 5, brain tumors) is still holding on in spite of the poor prognosis, please continue to pray.

Dalton (age 16) was hit by a car and has a bad brain injury, please pray for his recovery.

Mrs. Heath has had knee surgery, please pray for her recovery.

Pray for the repose of Raquan’s soul (15 year-old who drowned) and comfort for the Green family.

Sarah C. is recovering from a severe head injury, Rick G. has an enlarged heart and Valerie has cancer and a high fever, please lift them in prayer.

Lali is having leg pain, please pray for her healing.

From Pastor Ron: Please pray for Sarah, She needs healing and deliverance, a real touch from God.

Bill and Sarojni’s marriage is ending, please pray for them.

Kylie’s parents may be getting divorced, pray for the family and their walk with God.

Andy is going through chemo treatments, please keep him in your prayers.

Pray for Pastor Raul’s many needs today.


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