Posted by: celticanglican | October 7, 2012

Sunday Prayer Requests (19th Sunday After Pentecost/St. Francis Sunday)

Note: I’ve kept it simple, since the weekend list was long.

Pray for Martha’s healing from panic attacks.

Sonya asks prayer for: Wendy (gallbladder); Randy (diabetes and other problems);Ione (4 bad biopsy results); Joann (memory loss); Barney (marriagr troubles); juliun (sore throat, extreme pain)

Please pray for Makhset Djabbarbergenov, seeking asylum due to his faith.

Pray for Gayle and Earl’s needs to be met.

Please pray for Noble and Kristi, two missionary’s kids who are sick.

Amudha’s surgery went well, please continue to pray for her.

Pray for Marie as she recovers from open-heart surgery.

Jake had a heart attack and his wife has cancer, please pray.

Please pray for Titus, in a troubled marriage.

A seeker from the United Arab Emirates is doubting, please pray for him.

Canadace was arrested out of the country and is having some difficulties with legal defense, please pray.

Judy asks prayer for: Harret (extreme pain); Phyllis (MS, difficulty breathing); Kristin (miscarriage)

Pray for Jana’s deliverance from anger issues.

Earl is having a pacemaker implanted, please pray.

Wayne and Marti are facing an IRS audit, as well as personal issues from Wayne’s father’s death, please pray.

Dave is having risky heart surgery, please pray for him and for his wife, Neoma.

Paul is having spinal and rib surgery, please pray for him and his family.

Please pray for Steve, who is serving a prison sentence and has had a drinking problem.

Judy asks prayer for Cindy, recovering from gallbladder removal surgery and Kristin, who has a miscarriage. Please keep Tommy, Kristin’s husband and Abby, her daughter, in your prayers too.

John Sessing has had a stroke, please pray for him and his family.


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