Posted by: celticanglican | October 10, 2012

Tuesday Prayer Requests (Commemoration of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell)

Please note: I’m still using the more simplified version of the prayer list, due to having a backlog of prayer requests. The opening and closing prayers are from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

Almighty God, whose will it is to be glorified in your saints, and who raised up your servant Wilfred Thomason Grenfell to be a light in the world; Shine, we pray, in our hearts, that we also in our generation may show forth your praise, who called us out of darkness into your marvelous light; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God,
now and for ever. Amen.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for The Church of the Province of West Africa The Most Revd Dr Justice Akrofi Archbishop of West Africa & Bishop of Accra; Ideato – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Caleb Maduoma; and Idoani – (Ondo, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Ezekiel Dahunsi

We pray for our friends in Christ in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate); Japanese Orthodox Church and the Chinese Orthodox Church

We pray for the people of Costa Rica; Côte d’Ivoire and Croatia 

Please pray for Martha’s healing from painful rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Daniel has been coughing up blood, please pray for his healing.

Sonya asks prayer for Jannet (breast and widespread cancer, needs to know Christ’s love); Vicky (severe cold); Skip (foot trouble due to diabetes); Sugar Bird (an ill parrot)

Please pray for a 1-year-old, name known to God, who has a tumor in her eye

Therese is in extreme pain, please pray for her healing.

Ronn’s dad has esophagal cancer, please pray as he recovers from surgery.

Please pray for Shawn and his girlfriend – she was hit by a bus and has several injuries, please pray for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Anna and her husband need to find a decent rental ASAP, please pray.

Sanctify, O Lord, those whom you have called to the study and practice of the arts of healing, and to the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them by your life-giving Spirit, that by their ministries the health of the community may be promoted and your creation glorified; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.



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