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All Saints’ Sunday/23 Pentecost/22 Trinity/Proper 26

A story from Episcopal News Service on Hurricane Sandy, with a reference to All Saints’ Day

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Revised Common Lectionary and 1979 Book of Common Prayer Lectionary 

1928 Book of Common Prayer Lectionary



  1. Request: My wife of 12 years, Robbie Clemens, has distanced herself for a few months from me, Henry Jones, and Then admitted her deep Love for her college boyfriend Chris Schwalb, who lives 150 miles away and had called her at work a few months ago. They have had an internet and phone romance…until my wife left because I demanded that she get right with our Lord and stop this nonsense..that I forgave her..but she could not live with me and our adopted daughter Li..until she was cleansed of her sin ..I did not want her demons in my home. She decided she would leave…gone amonth without as much as speaking to Li… filed for divorce and wants my child..i have nothing with which to fight but the money..i am recovering from shattering both feet doing free hurricane cleanup.. well enough now to go back to working..i havent the funds to pay last months bills..not to mention what it would cost to get my semi-truck registered again..replace dead batteries from sitting 4 has been a long recovery..but I have had the help of the Lord..not my keep up payments for 4 years until now…now i am at the edge of losing my daughter whom is the only thing in the world to me aside from Christ..i love my churvh family..but this child was orphan in China for 7 years and bonded to me while i was in wheelchair..and Robbie was off messing around avoiding Li..even though she had approved paid leave from work to bond with child..she never 4 years after adoption..she dominates her..I know Robbie is child is saved..but how long until demons touch in their midst…my family has been poor has the money..but greed and fear of being poor again..i receive no help or offer of hope from youngest sister..the poorest of poor..and long time of sin tected me today that she had sent me a card with help… a few dollars in it..maybe enough to buy some potatoes..i nevet told her i needed help or money..she is a fetal alchohol syndrome child and i try not to worry her..i made $28,000 last year..but was cheated out of $317,000 in inventory..yet still i gave $10,000 to the Lords work..most to my local church…i have been faithful in tithing for my whole family..i need the Lord to be faithful in provision..i have been home praying for 60 days…nothing is getting better..only worse.. my wife laughs that i fed my daughters dog milk last nigjt..ramen noodles tonight..and will kill anything animal here that costs money if nobody takes the pets soon. my big problem though is having a child who loves Christ and enjoys obedience..hates the filth on tv..being forved to live with a woman who psychologically abuses her..was physically abusing her 2 years ago until i forced her to a shrink.. and watches 666 park ave. and similar unGodly trash on tv…refuses to let my daughter use the phone..cannot call for comfirt, etc., has pulled her out of the church she is a member of and active in awanas in…and has driven the child to self-mutilation…which she has not done since i taught and prayed her out of it right after adoption..i spent 90 days alone with her teaching her english..of Christ..led her to salvation and Baptized her myself in our church…my wife stayed away till after bedtime those 90 days until Li was ready to enroll in school..there is no bond there..and it has angered Robbie..when Li told counsellor yesterday that she did not want to live with mom..Robbie played all nice..then took it out on Li all the way home..monitored my call to Li as usual..on speakerphone..where she couldnt be honest about anything..couldnt adk for…until i took her a coat at school today..i knew nothing about yesterday…i am so heartbroken i truly feel i will die of a broken heart if Robbie wins Li in court…i have no way to stop her…and she will destroy one of the truly great creations of our God. Praise and Glory to our Father and Christ Jesus for your website and prayer groups. May the Lord blesd you and more importantly be blessed by your efforts to serve Him. God Bless all who pray with me that I may keep my child..that we may continue to serve our Christ..and increase our service once the wickedness is gone from our family life.

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