Posted by: celticanglican | February 26, 2013

Tuesday Prayer Requests (Commemoration of Emily M. Morgan)

O God, whose glory it is always to have mercy: Be gracious to all who have gone astray from your ways, and bring them again with penitent hearts and steadfast faith to embrace and hold fast the unchangeable truth of your Word, Jesus Christ your Son; who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns,
one God, for ever and ever. (Book of Common Prayer 1979)

Let us pray to the Lord, who is slow to anger and rich in mercy.

During this Lenten time of prayer, fasting and self-examination, let us pray that the Church may be strengthened for its mission to those who need the Gospel.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for Maryland – (III, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Eugene Sutton; Assistant Bishop of Maryland – (III, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Dr Joe Burnett; Masasi – (Tanzania) The Rt Revd Patrick Mwachiko; Maseno North – (Kenya) The Rt Revd Simon Oketch; Maseno South – (Kenya) The Rt Revd Francis Abiero;
Maseno West – (Kenya) The Rt Revd Joseph Wasonga

We pray for our friends in Christ in the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Triangle of Prayer ministry.

We also pray for St. John’s, St. Barnabas and San Miguel, Episcopal parishes in Odessa, TX

Holy God, the effects of sin are all around us. Let your healing grace and mercy reach out to all those in need. Restore everything that is broken in our lives to wholeness.

Please pray for Bahadur Gurung (salvation for him and his family, healing from stomach trouble, a better job); Linda F. (asks for blessings on her kids); Asia Bibi (may be granted clemency in blasphemy case); dog in need of a new home due to owner’s child’s allergies

We pray for the people of  Liechtenstein and for an increase in the mission of the Church there. 

Let those who are sick, suffering or in any need know of your healing power in their difficulty.

Our prayers are with Robert Benton (recovering from injuries after falling off a roof); Betty (showing respiratory improvement, still needs prayer); Donna (recovering from sciatica); Stephanie Rains (rare throat cancer); Toni (acid reflux); Tonya (bleeding after hysterectomy); Diane (immune disorder treatments are not working); Pris (back pain); Shek Liu (m, heart problems); Claire F. (end stage cancer); Linda (Parkinson’s, diabetes, COPD); Verna (pancreatitis); Charley (f, 15 mos. needs kidney due to surgical error)

Let the faithful departed rest in peace, bring a knowledge and assurance of your love to those who mourn, and keep all of us who pray in everlasting life.

We also praise you for the blessings in our lives, that we and the whole Church may eagerly look forward to rejoicing at Resurrection Day. 

Let’s give thanks for Nadish (was set free from a trafficking situation by Bridge of Hope); Pastor Gordon (recovered from a persisting cough)

Almighty God, you have surrounded us with a great cloud of witnesses: Grant that we, encouraged by the good example of your servant Emily, may persevere in running the race that is set before us, until at last we may with her attain to your eternal joy; through Jesus Christ, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one
God, for ever and ever. (Book of Common Prayer 1979)


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