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Tuesday Prayer Requests (Commemoration of James Weldon Johnson)

Father, we pray for your holy Catholic Church;
That we all may be one.
We pray for our friends in Christ:

Grant that every member of the Church may truly and humbly serve you;
That your Name may be glorified by all people.

  • From Prison Fellowship: “Please pray for my best friend Sarah and her precious 9 month old baby Jack,” writes Tammy. “Sarah’s baby’s daddy is in jail. Matt does not appear to be changed at all by jail. He’s blaming, feeling sorry for himself and writing Sarah messed up letters. She is raising a baby! “She doesn’t work, lives with her Dad and struggles with her own demons, as everyone does. She is doing best she can. Pray that Matt will begin to have spiritual awakening. Pray that in the short time he has God will grant him self knowledge and humility. Pray that Matt and Sarah find Jesus. Sarah could use spiritual awakening too. Give her tolerance, knowledge and courage to do the things she needs to do for her and Jack.”

We pray for all bishops, priests, and deacons;
That they may be faithful ministers of your Word and
In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for:

We pray for all who govern and hold authority in the nations of the world;
That there may be justice and peace on the earth.
We also pray for the US states of:

Give us grace to do your will in all that we undertake;
That our works may find favor in your sight.
Have compassion on those who suffer from any grief or trouble;
That they may be delivered from their distress

  • Josiah, Nathaniel (drug addiction)
  • Ray (bone marrow transplant)
  • Mary (husband left her and their daughter)
  • Kit (shoulder and back injury)
  • Anne, Ione, Judy, Pastor Juan, Tony, Pastor Hugh (cancer)
  • Elaine, Ryan, Leon, Jean (alcohol addiction)
  • Carolyn, Doris (heart problems)
  • Norm (finances)
  • Russ (back problems)
  • Ryan (drugs)
  • Marilyn (breathing difficulties, arthritis)
  • Connie (back, financial troubles)
  • Diana (back and neck pain)
  • Ruth (diabetes, infection)
  • Carl (healing)
  • John (gout)
  • Rudy (healing)
  • Judy (extreme weight loss)
  • Dale (diabetes, infection)
  • Janice & Wade (marriage)
  • Jay (job safety)
  • Bobby (family issues)
  • Randy (diabetes)
  • Mona (internal bleeding)
  • Lisa (spots on lungs) and the Floyd family
  • Felicia (enlarged liver) and the Gore family
  • Carla (esophagel cancer) and the Bouchard family
  • Loran (possible stroke)
  • Jaynne (costly computer problems)
  • Kathy (ulcer, needs Christ)
  • Lillian (cancer, to know Christ more fully if she doesn’t already)
  • Eli (surgery)
  • Richard (surgery)
  • Judy (family reconciliation)
  • Galen (for good cancer test results)
  • Kathy (induced early labor, blood clots and diabetes), and her baby
  • Ron (making progress after esophagul cancer surgery, still needs prayer)
  • Julie (hit by lighting, suffered cardiac arrest and was revived) and the Bunge family
  • a seeker who needs prayer for a sexual issue
  • Pamela (in very serious debt due to her ex-husband and facing loss of her home)
  • From Betty B: Please keep me in prayer for health and physical pain. Keep my husband in prayer for finances and his health. Pray for my daughter Bonnie she is carrying my fourth grandson..pray for a good delivery and health to be fine for both. Keep my son in prayer for salvation. Keep community christian church in prayer for finances and relationships to be blessed. Keep Brenda and Randy Furry in prayer, for their health and finances. Keep my family in prayer, my grandsons safety..My Oldest grandson Masen is having health issues he has to see several doctors this stuff that is going on in his little body.. I love you all..
  • From Earl: Pray for Cindy M., her heart is failing and she is back in the hospital. Pray for Shirley’s son, Everett, he is struggling with life, pray he comes closer to Jesus. Pat and Mike G. baby great grandson has a heart and blood problem. Kay’s great grand niece, 25 yr. old Andrea, passed away from seizures. Keep the family in prayer. Joe D. life is a mess, pray for him to accept Jesus.
  • From Becky: We have a lot of prayer requests today. Several from me.Becky’s Grandmother, Arlene is in surgery right now, 11:40am EST, she is having a hip replacement. Please pray for Doctor’s wisdom and guide his hands. Pray for healthcare staff that will be caring for her and that her recovery will flow smoothly. Also, pray for my Aunt Carolyn. She is in her late 40’s and is mentally slow and still lives at home. Pray that God will help her during this time while my Grandmother is not there. Friend of Becky’s, Scott and Shelly Myers, son Jake and daughter Kayla. It’s coming up on a year of when they lost their middle son, Will to heart disease and now today is her young daughter, Kayla’s cardiologist appt. Shelly and Kayla are both terrified. Everything about today is just triggering Shelly’s anxieties and is making her cry. She has been trying to talk to Kayla about this appt and to try to help prepare her, but Kayla just completely shuts down. Pray for peace and strength for the whole family. Lots of friends of Becky’s are in Colorado Springs, Colorado and they are having a very bad fire season. Please pray for safety.
  • From Pastor Ron: I went to visit Eric and he is doing Great. God is moving in his life. Thank You for the prayers and please continue to pray for Eric. Janet needs prayer for protection and guidance from God for her and her family. Harrison just accepted Christ and needs healing and help from God for his life. Deborah needs healing and help from God. Linda needs healing and deliverance. Lucy needs healing and deliverance just accepted Jesus.

Give to the departed eternal rest.
Let light perpetual shine upon them.

  • Jared, Robert, William, Ember, Justin killed in Afghanistan

We praise you for your saints who have entered into joy;
May we also come to share in your heavenly kingdom.

  •  James Weldon Johnson
  • St. John the Baptist

Let us pray for our own needs and those of others.
Let’s give thanks for:

  • Sis Frankie H.’s restoration to health

This collect is shared with James Weldon Johnson in mind:

O God, whom saints and angels delight to worship in heaven: Be ever present with your servants who seek through art and music to perfect the praises offered by your people on earth; and grant to them even now glimpses of your beauty, and make them worthy at length to behold it unveiled for
evermore; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The prayers are from The Book of Common Prayer.


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