Posted by: celticanglican | September 9, 2013

Prayer Requests

Please note: This is a scaled-down version of my usual prayer list, due to technical problems. I hope to return to the usual list next week if possible.

The suffering in Syria
Shamsa (kidnapped in Somalia), husband Mohamed and children
Reena and family (attacked by Hindu militants)
Persecuted Christians in Ho Chi Minh City, Vitenam
Kahfi and Jalaludin (prisoners for Christ)
6-year-old Chinese boy (eye gouged out)
Olivia (age 5, missing)
Carolyne (polyp on uteris), grandson Lan (healing)
Robin (severe MS)
Hector (needs a new kidney)
Leah (still needs prayer for recovery from her stroke), keep her sister Lou in prayer as well
Robin’s mom (spot on lung)
Becky (urinary problems)
The pediatric cancer patients in Boston
Kyler (possible West Nile virus)
Victoria (age 3, epilepsy)
Betty (headaches)
Tom (needs eye surgery)
Vicky (sore throat)
A teen suicide, pray for his or her family
Michael, pray for son Chris and the rest of the family
Jason, Ricardo, Michael (killed in Afghanistan)
Ronnie’s son-in-law’s aunt, please pray for the family
Other Needs:
Carolyne’s husband (to have compassion and love)
JR and family
A couple struggling with marital problems
Heidi’s brother (different job needed)
Mark (struggling to come back to God)
Teresa’s brother and sister-in-law (marriage difficulties)
Prisoners: Nick (assaulted), James (psychological help), Troy’s family
Robert (12, on drugs)
Dominique (needs strength to live a Christian life)
Sharon (to be able to move from her apartment complex)
The Wunderlich family
Bongi and children (financial difficulties)
Robert, Michael, Adam (looking for work)
John and family (dire financial straits)
Jamie and infant child Conner (evicted)
Eddie, Vicky, Rita, David, Jamie, Donovan, Connor (relationships need mending)
Diana (grieving anniversary of son’s death)



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