Posted by: celticanglican | July 31, 2015

Prayer Requests

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From Rod: A prayer request from Harriet for Steve who has been afflicted with melanoma of the eye or more, after final testing, as this is a preliminary diagnosis. Marie’s granddaughters operation has been postponed but PLEASE keep her uplifted as we await further word………..Thank you all…….!!

Please pray for the fires in the west to go out and not harm any property or people.  Pray for protection, guardian angels to surround everyone there, including firefighters and for their to be no more d estruction. God  is able and faithful. God bless. Love, Jaynne

Baby James is a bit better from his lung flare up, but he did have to go back on a hospital ventilator. In the mean time I spoke with the surgery doc today.! The tentative plan is to do his belly surgery/repair on the 11th of Aug. Please be in prayer for this as the risk factors are quite high. almost as high as open heart surgery….if all goes well and he has no issues with recovery this should only delay discharge by a few weeks.  Thanks for praying, Rachel

From Sharon: My granddaughter Chloe’s auto immune disorder is becoming symptomatic again.  She will have to go back to getting Chemo shots once a week. 

More requests from Rod: Request for prayer from Rev. Terry from Harriet for her co-worker who is recovering from a double mastectomy operation and in a great deal of pain. Request for prayer from Pastor Raul for Shamica ( hope the spelling is correct ) who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer and is in need of a healing.

Please pray for Gayle and Earl, concerned about snake problems without easy recourse to an exterminator.

From Kathy: “Please pray for my son Luke … has been in two years and has four more to go … He has become bitter over how things have turned out in court. He feels victimized by the system, while trying to take responsibility for what he actually did do … I just know that the Lord can use all things … please pray that he will find fellowship in prison with other men of faith and surrender all things over to the Lord to handle … Thank you.

Please pray for Lonzie’s safe recovery, repentance and amendment of life for William, who possibly took him, and peace for Lonzie’s mom and family


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