Posted by: celticanglican | September 29, 2015

Prayer Requests

I’d really appreciate your bold prayers for my Mom who is in a really bad mental state and fighting with everyone right now. I know it’s not her, it’s the xanax and/or devil at work, but she just ran me as deep into the mud as possible because I simply won’t fight with her, nor do I want to be around her in this mental state.

I’d truly appreciate your prayers. I know she is angry that we are moving. I’ve tried to appease her, bless her and dad on the anniversary, etc. But she is not in her right mind, and there’s no reasoning. So, I’m stepping back to pray hard for God’s help and intervention. Will you please join me in this prayer, ongoing? For protection over her, help, healing, transformation, freedom from this drug if there’s any way, protection over my dad, help for them during this tough time, for God to have the victory. Praise Jesus, He can! Love you all Teresa

Also from Teresa: We have taken $500 off the purchase price of our home to try and meet the buyer somewhere in the middle without being out a lot more money in the work we are already doing. Please pray for this to please her and for all to move forward in God’s perfect peace and grace. Thank you for all your love, prayers, and great advice. Love you so!

Hi dear prayer worriers.Greetings from restoring hopes ministry-kenya ( want to thank you all for your prayers for lady Akinyi who burned her face due to epilepsy.She is not with us today,she resting with the Lord God.MAY HIS SOUL R.I.P.
I have a request for prayers for her mother who is a widows and also suffering so much on her eye sight,She needs a well check up and support. Kindly consider her in your prayers.

UPDATE : Spouse ignores doesn’t like to deal with frustration and this wrong thing to do my friends remember.  We no longer use credit cards, cut them up, pay faithfully toward them but one I am just finding out about today was not being paid on neglected and over the weekend we pray over me that I can talk to them and this becomes resolved and garnishment removed. For I never received a court summons but told February 2016 finding out the court date and never called, mailed nothing, just socked the paycheck with no warning, zilch.  God has our back, our Lord is a forgiven God AMEN.  FROM HEIDI
PRAISE REPORT! Jacob had a great night! He was able to move both legs at about 4:00 this morning. He hasn’t needed any narcotic pain med since 3:30 yesterday afternoon when we arrived in his room! They are giving him another med that is a super strong NSAID, but it isn’t a narcotic that knocks him out . He’s still uncomfortable but he’s willing to do what’s asked of him. He’s going down for an x-ray shortly and that will require him to stand. Then later the Physical Therapist will come to get him walking with the knee immobilizer and teach him how to use crutches with the knee immobilizer. He has come so far since yesterday. I’m really thankful for God’s healing mercies. Pam
From Prison Fellowship: Join us in praying with and for Tina, whose husband is facing a five-year prison sentence:

“My family, me, my 13 year old son, and my husband are looking at 5 years apart. My husband will be incarserated by the end of the year. This is all unbelievable, I would have never thought it could happen to my family. I had been praying for my husband to reconnect with God (come back to church with me) and for our marrage. He has had major undiagnosed depression for a very long time now and had cut everyone off and turned to the computer.

“I knew it would take something BIG to get him back, I just didn’t realize how BIG. God is faithful and answered those 2 BIG prayers. My husband has come back to both our family and our God!! I thank Jesus for this everyday!!

“But, what we are facing really saddens me and my family. I am having a hard time imagining that my 13 year old will be without his dad for his middle school and some of his high school years. I never imagined I’d be a single parent and the sole income for my family. ….

“… I guess with all this, pray for strength for all of us. Pray that my husband will be in a safe place that is fairly close to his family so we can visit. … My husband, with coming back to God is looking at this as a mission. God saved his life, and he will go where God wants him.

“I don’t want him to go. But don’t have a choice. Anyway. Thanks for listening, and praying.”

Just in, a prayer request from old friend, prayer warrior and servant to the LORD, Larry for his

wife  Carole who is having serious back problems again and the pain is excruciating.
We would pray the LORD, if in HIS plan, cover Carole with HIS blood, driving the demons of 
sickness from her body, ease her pain and allow her to return to a normal life. This we pray
while doing so in the name of JESUS……………..Amen and Amen……………!! Rod

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