Posted by: celticanglican | January 24, 2016

Prayer Requests

Hello All – God Bless You from Ontario, Canada
I am asking for immediate and urgent prayer for my marriage.
We have been together over 30 years and married for 28.
Satan is attempting to destroy our union. There is another woman in another country. He has been cursed and the devil is using this woman and her spells to destroy our union.
I stand against satan and ask you join me in prayer and do so also.
Please pray for this so-called relationship to be absolved immediately, totally and completely and that my husband is returned to me heart, mind, body soul and spirit.
Please pray for my anger, pain and frustration. Pray for us to each forgive one another for the issues that brought us here.
Please pray that Frank, my husband, see the error of his ways and seek mental health and spiritual help, bringing him back to God, to me and our girls with total forgiveness and complete commitment.
Please pray that this curse be lifted and his mind healed. Please pray that he continues to heal physically.
I will not survive this pain without you prayers and support and God’s merciful grace and intercession.
I believe that God does not believe in divorce and that His will for us is to be rejoined in the same matrimonial commitment and bliss that we shared on February 20, 1988, when we were first married. Pray this happens immediately.
May God Bless You All for your faithfulness. I need you now, more than ever, please, please, please pray.

Teresa A. D’Agostino

Thank you so much for your prayers over our family’s financial situation. Appreciate your continued prayers for provision and security over our income/salary and benefits protection. We’ve heard nothing more from the company. So we are being proactive in checking on the situation. Please pray for God’s great favor. Also, Galen has a couple interviews during lunches which are good possibilities. Particularly, please pray for a job with Compassion International that is said to open in July-that it may come available sooner. Meanwhile, he continues to work hard as ever on his current job and do the best he can.
I have applied for several writing jobs in hopes something may come through. The book will not be published until the fall. So, we need something going to help us through. Thank you for praying boldly. We love you so much!
Many Blessings in Christ,
Teresa J. Herbic


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