Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | December 17, 2017

Rescue Crossposting Best Practices

I’m going to start a series of short posts to address some common issues that arise in doing rescue crossposting, particularly where Facebook is involved. Some of the issues in this FAQs of sorts include:

“Why are they killing these animals?”

“Are pledges a type of ransom?”

“Don’t they take these animals to a vet?”

I’ll also address why well-intentioned people should stay away from unhelpful responses, such as:

“I wish I could take him her, but [I already have four, I don’t drive, I’m too far away, etc.]”

Copied & pasted responses to every crosspost

Flooding threads with novenas, emojis, hellfire & brimstone preaching against volunteers who aren’t involved with euthanasia policies, etc.

I’ll be adding these in as they occur to me, so please stay tuned.


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