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Prayer Requests 11/12/2017

Wise and foolish

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

John, who has widespread cancer

Those affected by some recent trouble in South Africa

The repose of Jerry’s soul

Kimberly, who has several injuries due to a car accident

LaTonya, who has six children, including a daughter who already has two children at age 15, asking for healing, grace and provision

Bobby’s continued growth in Christ and relationship with fiancee Terry

Karen’s husband as he awaits tests

Carol, who has cancer

Luis and Sharon’s marriage

Jimmy, unknown need

Avon, recent stroke

David, a diabetic with pain issues and minimal relief

Danny, beginning a new chaplain position

Martha, stomach pain

Jonathan, stomach cancer

Micheal, surgery with a good chance he might not survive

Sabasti, who has a painful growth pressing on her brain

Sam, severely injured in a fall down the stairs

Sherry, raising a grandson who has an incarcerated father, needs prayers for wisdom, guidance and resources

Erika, who has a father in prison




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Prayer Requests 11/5/2017


Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

The repose of the souls of those who died at church in the Sutherland Springs shooting, healing for those injured and for this senseless violence to cease

All children in harm’s way and for more people to report abuse

Tom and Lynn’s grandson’s healing from pneumonia and their son and daughter-in-law, who lost an expected baby

Bruce’s healing from a broken ankle

Donna Marie’s recovery from an upcoming mastectomy

Keith and Helen’s church in China




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Prayer Requests 10/23/2017

Panorama of Jerusalem from Mount of Olives (15813493453)

Panorama of Jerusalem from Mount of Olives, Dean Meyers from New York, USA

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

All persecuted Christians, particularly those in North Korea

Those on the Callie’s Prayer Line & Lion of Judah list

Sister Theresa, OFS, recent serious diagnosis

Lori, on life support

Repose of soul of Mary, OFS

Fred, several health issues and hardly mobile

Pernice, severe depression

Wayne, needs a costly repair for his car

Sarah, in need of a life-saving operation

Anna, who has cellulitis

Baby Brooklyn, breathing difficulties

Sharon, awaiting a stent placement

Bob, helping his step-grandmother find an incarerated grandson





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Prayer Requests 10/15/2017

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

Jordan, continued healing

Cliff, serious post-surgical throat pain

Patrick, several serious health concerns

Alice, repose of soul and comfort for her family

Kevin, prostate cancer Reply to his brother here

Christy, a young mom with cancer and a friend, also a young mom, who has cancer, Yola, Christy’s daughter, recent ear surgery

Mary, cancer and a recent hospital admission

Teresa asks for continued job success and son Braxton’s continued improved grades Reply to her here

Regina, recently released from prison and thankful for finding joy

Syrian Christians trying to return home and rebuild

Peggy, recent surgery

David and Pete, healing Rod can take replies here 

Carl, healing His friend Teresa can take replies here

All children coping with bullying and repentance for the bullies and adults who turn a blind eye

Gloria, debilitating leg pain

Lillian, boyfriend is being sentenced and she is expecting their fourth child

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Prayer Requests 10/8/2017

Vitrail de synagogue-Musée alsacien de Strasbourg

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

Jenn’s husband, struggling to find employment after his prison release

Harley, for blessings on her upcoming marriage and for her safe pregnancy and delivery

Cindy, who has possible ovarian cancer

For the people of every country struggling with issues of political unrest, ethnic/religious violence and intolerance

For Jaynne’s family’s healing from a serious cold and that Bert (age 91) doesn’t get it

Torrin (age 12) who has lymphoma

Becky, who has started retaining a lot of fluid recently

John’s granddaughter, recent hand surgery and recovering well

Randy, trying to get back on his feet after being in prison

Almighty and everlasting God, you are always more ready to hear than we to pray, and to give more than we either desire or deserve: Pour upon us the abundance of your mercy, forgiving us those things of which our conscience is afraid, and giving us those good things for which we are not worthy to ask, except through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Savior; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. (Book of Common Prayer, 1979)

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Prayer Requests 10/3/2017

Guido di Graciano. Staint-Francis-and-Stories-from-his-Life. 1270.

St. francis of Assisi, whom the Church remember tomorrow

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

The homeless, the hungry, all who are desolate and oppressed

The souls of those killed in the Las Vegas shooting and the injured

Danny, recently injured in a motorcycle accident but expected to recover



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Prayer Requests 9/28/2017


Richard Rolle, Hermit, religious writer, Bible translator

Please pray for:

Elizabeth, healing from an infection

Debbie, recently blacked out, has facial swelling

Pedro, continued improvements in his life as he serves a sentence

Cindy’s family member’s unspoken need

Raul’s cousin, epilepsy

Pete, very recent surgery

*Please note: if there is no contact link next to a request, there was no email address provided and I am unable to relay responses to the original requester. I only share email addresses, FB links, etc. with permission.*





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Review: Broken Trust by F. Remy Diederich

Spiritual abuse is something that exists in so many settings, yet many people aren’t aware of it or minimize its significance. Fortunately, Remy Diederich offers a fresh yet informative perspective that I think effectively blows a lot of misconceptions straight out of the water.

Even with all the useful information contained in its pages, this book is easily read in a few sittings. Its division into five parts covers defining toxic faith and spiritual abuse, practical steps for dealing with spiritual abuse, recovery, steps to take after leaving, and how to rescue your faith community from spiritual abuse.

In addition to Remy’s personal story involving spiritual abuse, he also shares input from other spiritual abuse survivors that helps shed light on the various ways spiritual abuse rears its ugly head. Though they are relatively brief snippets into the lives of these people in a spiritual abuse setting, they help demonstrate the destruction that toxic faith causes.

Through clear examples from Scripture and the words of spiritual abuse experts like Thom Ranier and Dr. Ron Enroth, we gain a clearer perspective on how spiritual abuse becomes an issue. I think that Remy’s citing of past pastoral experience helps bring a very real sense of authority to his writing – he has seen enough of the effects of spiritual abuse to spot it and call it out.

Other especially useful parts of this book include FAQs on issues not specifically dealt with in the chapters that are worthy of mention and resources for further reading/study on spiritual abuse. If you’re looking for a relatively quick read on spiritual abuse and recovery from said abuse, you won’t go wrong with this book.


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A Private Matter or a Circus? It’s Your Choice


Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing

Matthew 18:15-20

It’s interesting to think of how things could’ve played out if the events of Jesus’ time had happened today. The differences in history, religion and politics aside, I think one of the most interesting aspects would have been seeing how some of the notable disputes in the Bible played out on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m sure most of us have witnessed or even been in the midst of a social media firestorm that’s happened because of a simple dispute. Two people have a disagreement on Facebook, and before you know it, twenty people are in on the discussion. Someone takes their dispute with another to Twitter and the next step is a “tweetstorm”.

Human nature hasn’t changed much when it comes to not keeping personal disputes private over the past 2,000 years. Triangulation is never a good way to resolve a personal quarrel, yet it happens way too often.

Bringing others into a problem is a situation to avoid unless absolutely necessary, as Jesus points out in the text. There are situations when someone’s wellbeing is at stake without intervention, and obviously these shouldn’t be kept strictly private.

However, creating a “toxic triangle” serves no purpose besides hindering God’s work of reconciliation among all people. The next time a problem arises between you and another person, think before you act – it doesn’t need to turn into a circus.


The #AdoptDontShop hashtag is more than a passing trend. It’s a reminder that those looking for a pet should always consider adoption first, before heading to a breeder.

Please note that I am NOT an animal liberationist who believes in the ultimate extinction of domestic animals – far from it. However, there are enough animals in shelters that the demand for animals from breeders honestly should subside until intake and EU numbers are drastically reduced.

An Australian Cattle Dog (heeler), I’ll call her “Cowgirl” recently ended up in a high-kill shelter that now requires all animals leaving to be altered, per Texas law. When the owner did show up, he stated that his dog was “of no further use to him” spayed and left her to possibly face euthanasia.

“Cowgirl” was adopted out, thanks to extensive networking efforts. However, some of the responses from breeders who chimed in on what was a rescue thread were downright disgraceful, with most of them supporting the former owner.

One of the more inflammatory comments was something to the effect of #adoptdontshop is bullshit*t, extolling the benefits of all breeders while ignoring the irresponsible things many do or ignoring them. Personally, I think defending someone like the former owner of “Cowgirl” is bullsh*t.

It would be nice if every dog breeder was a die-hard breed enthusiast who cared about things like health and working ability, did references and homechecks when placing dogs, and still cared about their dogs as family members, regardless of their breeding ability. The sad thing is, for many who own “money dogs”, it’s all about how much cash the dogs bring in, and the mother dogs are treated as expendable.

Responsible breeders who care about dogs and their breed should support rescue efforts, not fight against them – I know many do and should be commended. Maybe by helping to “clean house” within their own community by calling the backyard dog breeders, the “hump and dump” type that abandon the mother after the puppies are sold and the puppy millers to task, they can be part of the solution.

Remember, #sharingiscaring and #crosspostingsaveslives are sentiments that responsible breeders and rescuers alike can agree on. People who breed animals irresponsibly hurt pets at large.

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