Prayer Requests

Father, we pray for your holy Catholic Church;
That we all may be one.

Grant that every member of the Church may truly and
humbly serve you;
That your Name may be glorified by all people.

We pray for all ministries, especially remembering The Daily Office, Answers 2 Prayer, Agape Feast, Jesus Harvestime Ministries, Mother Theresa Ministries, Archangel St. Raphael Healing Ministries, St. Jude Shrine, Marian Messengers of the Divine Mercy

We pray for all bishops, priests, and deacons

That they may be faithful ministers of your Word and
We especially remember ++Michael, ++Justin, +Scott, David+, Deacon Ingrid, Deacon Jon, Pastors Peter, Raul, Rod, Annie

We pray for all who govern and hold authority in the nations
of the world;
That there may be justice and peace on the earth.

Give us grace to do your will in all that we undertake;
That our works may find favor in your sight.

Pray for Galen’s sucessful job expansion

Have compassion on those who suffer from any grief or trouble;
That they may be delivered from their distress.

Chris (feeling sick during her chemo treatments)

Rhonda (neck and shoulder pain)

Baby Charlie (rare illness)

Edwin (seizure, arm broken in two places)

Harriet (recent growth removal)

Leah (undiagnosed heart problems)

Teresa’s mom (still getting off Xanax)

April & Marquel (mother and son hurt in a bad car accident)

Susan (diagnosed with cancer and a caregiver to a quadrapalegic husband)

Maria (undergoing chemo and radiation)

Joey, age 12 (severe burns, MRSA, pneumonia)

Maria (continued good health and recovery)

Sherry (possible gangrene), husband Wayne (Alzheimer’s)

Chavelo (needs financial aid for ministry courses, wants a pen pal)

Joe (visited the ER), wife Miriam (health issues)

Betty (had a bad fall and husband Edwin)

Darrell (continued recovery)

Morgan (recovering from mono after her recent mission trip)

Maria B. (God’s will to be done in her custody case)

Dennis (heart issues)

Joe (stage 4 cancer)

Jeanne (cancer)

Rev. Terry (skin issues on her legs and feet)

Joe (successful removal of a tumor and continued improved kidney function)

Give to the departed eternal rest.
Let light perpetual shine upon them.

We pray for Gary and God’s comfort for Jean and their family & friends

We praise you for your saints who have entered into joy;
May we also come to share in your heavenly kingdom.

Let us pray for our own needs and those of others.

Lord, hear the prayers of thy people; and what we have asked faithfully, grant that we may obtain effectually, to the glory of thy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please post a comment if you would like to be remembered in prayer. Your request will also be shared with my prayer partners. Updates are recommended after a few weeks.

We do have a few guidelines:

  1. Requests for physical or emotional healing or other needs that are more generalized or “unspoken” are welcome. There is nothing harmful about protecting one’s privacy if they only want the fact they need prayer publicized, but not the specifics. God knows their needs regardless.
  2. Do not give out anyone’s email address, phone number or address in the requests. It is not necessary to give out last names. In sensitive situations, consider just identifying the person by their initials.
  3. Please avoid giving out TMI (Too Much Information) in your requests and remember anything you post in the comments is visible to the public. Try to keep your request within the 1-3 sentence range.
  4. Christians of multiple denominational backgrounds, orientations/identities, theological beliefs, family situations, nationalties, etc.  follow this blog and may request prayer. If you don’t agree with someone’s request, please pray however you feel lead and don’t attack their beliefs, personal situation, etc.
  5. No spam, no personal attacks on other visitors or other drama.
  6. If you are facing a situation that involves child/elderly/disabled person or animal abuse, please report it to the appropriate authorities.

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