Prayer Requests

Please post a comment if you would like to be remembered in prayer (should you have a confidential prayer request, please feel free to send it here). Your request will be shared with my prayer partners and they will be welcome to email you if you choose. Updates are recommended after a few weeks so we know how you’re doing.

We do have a few guidelines:

  1. Requests for physical or emotional healing or other needs that are more generalized or “unspoken” are welcome. There is nothing harmful about protecting one’s privacy if they only want the fact they need prayer publicized, but not the specifics. God knows their needs regardless.
  2. Do not give out anyone’s email address, phone number or address in the requests. It is not necessary to give out last names. In sensitive situations, consider just identifying the person by their initials.
  3. Please avoid giving out TMI (Too Much Information) in your requests and remember anything you post in the comments is visible to the public. Try to keep your request within the 1-3 sentence range.
  4. Christians of multiple denominational backgrounds, orientations/identities, theological beliefs, family situations, nationalties, etc.  follow this blog and may request prayer. If you don’t agree with someone’s request, please pray however you feel lead and don’t attack their beliefs, personal situation, etc.
  5. No spam, no personal attacks on other visitors or other drama.
  6. If you are facing a situation that involves child/elderly/disabled person or animal abuse, please report it to the appropriate authorities.

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