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Prayer Requests

Deacon Janice Byrd has died, please keep her daughters and friend Connie in your prayers

Bobby has an infection throughout her body, Joe has shingles, and Rev. terry still has allergy issues bothering her. Please send responses to Rod:


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Prayer Requests

Persephone, age 2, has lost her mobility and requires a respirator, and Zelma is in critical condition. Please send responses to

Little Hagan has returned home to his family after back surgery, and 5-year-old Jillian succumbed to her illness, please keep her family in prayer. Responses may be sent to Sharon

From Prison Fellowship: Dedra request prayers for her son and his family:

“I would like prayer for my family. My son is currently incarcerated and has young daughters. I pray for strength for his children, safety for him and trust that the Lord will come into his heart so he can be a better man and father to his children.”

Prayers for Jorge’s salvation, his repentance of false accusations against Belen, and blessings for Matthew, Ishmael, and Ivana are appreciated

Charles had a stroke, and Pastor Neil and his wife have 30 days to find a new apartment, responses can be sent to Wayne

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Prayer Requests

Little Hagan continues to improve after his surgery, please keep him in your prayers Replies may be sent to sharon

Joanne needs prayer for healing from shingles, Darlene needs healing from cancer, and Jeanne needs continued prayers for healing. Replies may be sent to Rod:

Rev. Lou lost his mom and needs prayer for encouragement, replies may be sent to Rev. Raul:

Posted by: celticanglican | February 4, 2016

Prayer Requests

5-year-old Jillian, who had been on life support, is showing signs of improvement, please continue to pray.

Joan is undergoing IV treatments due to immune issues, please pray for her healing

Please continue to pray for Hagan,recovering from surgery to replace the pins in his back.

Pray for the healing of a little girl who is severely dedhydrated and doctors are having trouble giving her fluids

Posted by: celticanglican | February 3, 2016

Prayer Requests

Please pray for members of Life Point Church to receive the funding for their Ugandan mission trip, as well as Sally’s healing from palsy

Pray for Hagan, a little boy with prior back surgery, who is having surgery to replace some of the pins in his back

Albert’s wife is involved in an affair, please pray for healing and restoration

Let’s give thanks for those who ministered to David while in prison

Posted by: celticanglican | February 1, 2016

Forgiveness: Revisited

I’m straying from the usual lectionary reading or TEC-based post to revisit one of my topics that generated some good discussion: does forgiveness mean just forgetting about what someone did to you and acting like it never happened?

In Matthew 18:21-22, Peter addresses Jesus, essentially asking how many times he must forgive someone who’s sinned against him. Jesus’ response is figurative, but clear: we are to forgive, just as God has forgiven us.

Forgiveness is often misunderstand, as it is often tied in with the old cliche about forgiving and forgetting. In many peoples’ minds, true forgiveness means forgetting about what happened.

This isn’t true, however. We can forgive someone for having wronged us, without forgetting what happened or allowing them to hurt us again.

Forgiveness isn’t for the benefit of the person who wronged you – it’s for your good. Forgiveness frees you from the resentment their behavior may have caused, letting you maintain your relationship with God and live the abundant life that God promised.

One of the tricky things about forgiving others is the fact that sometimes it seems like you won’t get there. I learned this the hard way recently, and it is very difficult.

Sometimes you need to forgive someone who sinned against who has since died and can’t demonstrate repentance. You may even have to forgive others who have wronged you because of what someone else did.

We must always remember it’s not about an arbitrary number of times you must forgive or demanding proof of the other’s repentance. It’s about freeing ourselves from others’ hurtful, inconsiderate and sometimes hateful influence and living in the light.


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Prayer Requests

Teresa was recently in an accident that will likely result in the car being totaled. Please pray that things improve for her husband Galen’s job, or for a new opportunity for one or both of them

Please pray for Jillian, age 5, who is on life support after having had several heart surgeries since birth. Keep Ali, age 9, and Eisley, infant in your prayers, too.

Posted by: celticanglican | January 28, 2016

Prayer Requests

Pray for Father Mike Olsen battling a terminal lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, he is on a double lung transplant list.

Kit is having difficulty with her eyes that may require surgery, and also requests prayer for Ricky, who is dying and there is family conflict due to religious differences.

Posted by: celticanglican | January 27, 2016

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ray, and comfort for Rev. Al, Elaine, Deborah, John, Matthew, Amber, Hannah, Cheryl, Austen, Melissa, Owen, Sarah, Brianna, Bethany, Brittany, Taliah, Christian, Jordyn, Madison, Jaydyn, Cameron, and Mason. Responses may be sent through Rod

Baby James is now at home with his family, including twin Judah, please pray for continued healing

Adam’s dad is cancer-free, let’s give thanks! Replies may be sent to Maxine

Let’s give thanks that 9-year-old Di’Marco was found safe at a friend’s house during the blizzard conditions in Washington DC

Please pray for Debbie’s marriage, threatened by her husband Larry’s restlessness since his retirement

Pray for Cassidy’s contined successful chemo treatment; 16-year-old Andrew who is desolate from being in the hospital for leukemia treatment; Isabelle; the soul of Fr. Edmond; all in crisis pregnancies; the persecuted; those with physical, emotional or spiritual pain and especially those who have turned away from God; for those with no one to pray for them and those who pray for others; all bishops, especially Pope Francis, priests, deacons and religious; all of God’s people

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5 Things We Must All Get Past for Real Unity

As the liturgical churches move past this year’s celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we see how much of a move there is for Christianity unity on a global scale. However, it’s easy to overlook that fact that a lot of efforts at unity start at a more localized level, even in our individual parishes/congregations and families.

There are many ways in which we can start achieving greater understanding among groups that aren’t dependent upon actions by larger ecumenical bodies. After reading the suggestions below, please feel free to add your own:

  1. Be Less of a Denominational Apologist – Although there are many important doctrines commonly taught in most groups, placing too much focus on doctrine specific to one denomination is more divisive than unifying. Instead, putting more emphasis on what we have in common goes a longer way.
  2. Think Globally, But Act Locally – There are many opportunities on a local level, such as Lenten programs run by local ministerial groups or community Bible studies, that bring together Christians of various stripes. If such opportunities don’t exist in your area, consider joining forces with others to start them.
  3. Never Assume Two Groups Treat Doctrines Exactly the Same Way – It’s very easy to think, for example, that all groups that teach some sort of baptismal regeneration believe the unbaptized are automatically damned or that groups that believe in a communion of saints all have the same views about saintly intercession. Instead, it’s more helpful to approach all of these doctrinal positions on their own terms, as each group understands them.
  4. Don’t Overlook Others’ Spiritual Experiences – It’s unfortunately easy to dismiss the spiritual experiences that others may have because they are different. Always treat the beliefs of others with the same respect you expect of yours.
  5. Avoid Presumptions About Others’ Beliefs – Some might feel inclined to laugh at an evangelical who attends an Episcopal church and assumes an usher is a deacon or a Catholic relative who assumes that non-Catholic clergy are “preachers” with no sacramental authority. However, bear in mind the fact that many people have little knowledge of denominations other than theirs, and this is a good starting-off point to discuss your similarities and differences.

What small steps do you think Christians can take to increase their understanding of each other?

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