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Prayer Requests


From Betty:

My family needs prayers for finances and relationships and health issue’s.
Please pray for my walk with Jesus.
My son for salvation and his girlfriend and son.
My daughter Maranda has been depressed she needs prayer so bad.
Bonnie my other daughter is lonely she says, even though she has her three sons and husband,
Pray for my husband to prosper he deserves this he is a good man he takes care of me so good. He loves God and other people I just love  to see God work in his life and God has been doing that but hubbys back has been hurting but it seems to be getting better. Love Betty B. Also I need to call my doctor pray he will give me a inhaler so i can breathe one i can afford to buy. Love BettyB.
continue to pray for jane rose and her mom
Pastor carl spain and his wife.
Paulette and her family
Teresa for finances
Also pray for our leaders and Israel.
If i forgot someone i pray for you now in Jesus name.
From Heidi P.: Start praying now court day Wednesday October 7 9am EST USA we need garnish payments to fit within budget.
Prayer friends:
Many of you have been praying for my great-nephew Anthony Gordon, 14, who has battled Leukemia for the past three years.  He has basically been in the hospital since last November, only coming home a couple of times for a few days.  He is in Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital with a very serious lung infection and has been placed on a respirator. Please pass this on to all you prayer warriors.
Eternally gra teful to you all,
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Prayer Requests

Baby James is doing pretty well. The infection is gone at this point. He had a rough time over the weekend so they decided not to send him back to surgery for awhile.

They have added a vac dressing over the current patch to promote healing and will try and work with this patch if they can. He has stabilized better and is off the paralytic again. His vent settings are down lower than they’ve been in some  time and he seems to be handling it. Thanks for continuing steadfast in prayer! Hugs Sharon

PRAISE GOD wonderful news !!!
Just heard from Andy about Sunny (spelled it wrong earlier) Gilkey and she is doing great. She did not have the heart surgery after all.
She did have full cardiac arrest, she did have a heart attack but when they got her into the surgery they did a cath test to determine the location of the blockage and there was no blockage, the heart was working strong, there was no damage at all from the heart attack. So no surgery was needed. The doctors are baffled. Wonderful! God answered our prayers. Because she went into cardiac arrest before they were able to do the biopsy on her neck they want her to return next week for that. I pray that is well by then and she won’t have to have that. Thanks everyone for your prayers.
Love and hugs,
From Sis Frankie H. Responses may be sent through Donna Mae
Our family is so grateful for God’s gift of you in our lives. Thanks for your recent prayers. Here are a couple updates:

* MOM: In seeking counsel re: Mom/Xanax addiction/depression/anger/rage/forgetfulness, many have said Alzheimer’s/Dementia may be a culprit. I’ve written her doctor as I can’t reason with her…asking for his intervention/help. Please pray for God’s almighty healing most of all.

* Also, for my dad’s peace, wisdom and clarity…he came over very angry with me that I can’t deal with Mom right now and am trying to stay back and pray/maintain my peace. Please pray for no more of this trouble for our family. We love them, we love God and we don’t know what else to do but pray.

* GALEN’S JOB: Thank you for praying for Galen’s job. He loves it! Please pray for a powerful breakthrough on some accounts he’s working on and great Webcasts tomorrow.

* KIDS/ MOVE: PRAISE GOD – they are taking well, positive thoughts!

* MY BOOKS: I could use a breakthrough on writings, please ask God to move the mountains as I am praying right now. I feel helpless in helping my orphanage…but God can make a way! COME LORD JESUS! PRAISE JESUS!

Many Blessings in Christ,

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Prayer Requests

From Rod: Prayer is requested for a very close friend who has been afflicted with the demon disease and needs a miracle in the form of a complete healing. We would pray the LORD show favor, if it be in HIS plan, and cover HIS child with HIS blood driving out all the demons and cleansing her system so she may be pure again  to return to her loved ones. This we pray while doing so in the name of JESUS

Responses can be sent through Donna Mae Please pray for Sonny Gilkey.  She is the wife of my brother’s best friend.  Sonny was having a biopsy of a growth on her neck when she had a heart attack a few minutes ago and is in having an emergency heart stent surgery at this moment.
Love and hugs,
From Sis Frankie

……………AMEN and AMEN…………….!!! !
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Prayer Requests

From The Daily Office: Georgia Soldier Killed in Afghanistan; He has a Name, Specialist Kyle E. Gilbert

From Sharon: Update on Baby James: The skin stretching process is not going to work…. This means they will have to do skin grafts to cover the patch. Which means he needs a different kind of patch material to work with the skin grafts. So Tue he hopes to be able to replace the patch.

In the mean time James has developed an infection in his blood… They have added another antibiotic to try and combat it. The worry is that the infection will attach itself to either the patch on his heart or his belly. They may have to change out his central line as a result also. Please pray that this will be cleared up with no complications!! Thanks for praying!=

Just checked back with Rachel and Baby James is doing better.  It will be a a few weeks before the skin grafts.

Thank you so much for your prayers

Hugs Sharon

Please pray for this poor little girl who needs surgery desperately because her head is swollen 3 times it’s size and fluid needs to drain. It can’t drain without surgery. God is able and faithful. God bless. Love, Jayn ne
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Prayer Requests

I’d really appreciate your bold prayers for my Mom who is in a really bad mental state and fighting with everyone right now. I know it’s not her, it’s the xanax and/or devil at work, but she just ran me as deep into the mud as possible because I simply won’t fight with her, nor do I want to be around her in this mental state.

I’d truly appreciate your prayers. I know she is angry that we are moving. I’ve tried to appease her, bless her and dad on the anniversary, etc. But she is not in her right mind, and there’s no reasoning. So, I’m stepping back to pray hard for God’s help and intervention. Will you please join me in this prayer, ongoing? For protection over her, help, healing, transformation, freedom from this drug if there’s any way, protection over my dad, help for them during this tough time, for God to have the victory. Praise Jesus, He can! Love you all Teresa

Also from Teresa: We have taken $500 off the purchase price of our home to try and meet the buyer somewhere in the middle without being out a lot more money in the work we are already doing. Please pray for this to please her and for all to move forward in God’s perfect peace and grace. Thank you for all your love, prayers, and great advice. Love you so!

Hi dear prayer worriers.Greetings from restoring hopes ministry-kenya ( want to thank you all for your prayers for lady Akinyi who burned her face due to epilepsy.She is not with us today,she resting with the Lord God.MAY HIS SOUL R.I.P.
I have a request for prayers for her mother who is a widows and also suffering so much on her eye sight,She needs a well check up and support. Kindly consider her in your prayers.

UPDATE : Spouse ignores doesn’t like to deal with frustration and this wrong thing to do my friends remember.  We no longer use credit cards, cut them up, pay faithfully toward them but one I am just finding out about today was not being paid on neglected and over the weekend we pray over me that I can talk to them and this becomes resolved and garnishment removed. For I never received a court summons but told February 2016 finding out the court date and never called, mailed nothing, just socked the paycheck with no warning, zilch.  God has our back, our Lord is a forgiven God AMEN.  FROM HEIDI
PRAISE REPORT! Jacob had a great night! He was able to move both legs at about 4:00 this morning. He hasn’t needed any narcotic pain med since 3:30 yesterday afternoon when we arrived in his room! They are giving him another med that is a super strong NSAID, but it isn’t a narcotic that knocks him out . He’s still uncomfortable but he’s willing to do what’s asked of him. He’s going down for an x-ray shortly and that will require him to stand. Then later the Physical Therapist will come to get him walking with the knee immobilizer and teach him how to use crutches with the knee immobilizer. He has come so far since yesterday. I’m really thankful for God’s healing mercies. Pam
From Prison Fellowship: Join us in praying with and for Tina, whose husband is facing a five-year prison sentence:

“My family, me, my 13 year old son, and my husband are looking at 5 years apart. My husband will be incarserated by the end of the year. This is all unbelievable, I would have never thought it could happen to my family. I had been praying for my husband to reconnect with God (come back to church with me) and for our marrage. He has had major undiagnosed depression for a very long time now and had cut everyone off and turned to the computer.

“I knew it would take something BIG to get him back, I just didn’t realize how BIG. God is faithful and answered those 2 BIG prayers. My husband has come back to both our family and our God!! I thank Jesus for this everyday!!

“But, what we are facing really saddens me and my family. I am having a hard time imagining that my 13 year old will be without his dad for his middle school and some of his high school years. I never imagined I’d be a single parent and the sole income for my family. ….

“… I guess with all this, pray for strength for all of us. Pray that my husband will be in a safe place that is fairly close to his family so we can visit. … My husband, with coming back to God is looking at this as a mission. God saved his life, and he will go where God wants him.

“I don’t want him to go. But don’t have a choice. Anyway. Thanks for listening, and praying.”

Just in, a prayer request from old friend, prayer warrior and servant to the LORD, Larry for his

wife  Carole who is having serious back problems again and the pain is excruciating.
We would pray the LORD, if in HIS plan, cover Carole with HIS blood, driving the demons of 
sickness from her body, ease her pain and allow her to return to a normal life. This we pray
while doing so in the name of JESUS……………..Amen and Amen……………!! Rod
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18 Pentecost

Revised Common Lectionary Readings

Every Creature Sermon by The Rev. Scott Hoezee

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Prayer Requests

May I ask that you pray for a little 3 year old boy,  who fell today and his mother,  took him to the ER and found out his right arm is badly broken and will be having surgery tonight to insert pins. His mother is beside herself with worry for her son. God’s blessings, Karen

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


Please join me, my family, relatives and others, and as the Holy Spirit Lead you, pray and intercede for:

  • Jazzmanie, my nephew, a Christian teen, who was involved in a train accident, lost part of his left leg above the knee, and he is now at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts (MA). His family members in Lowell, MA are not sure how long he will be in the Hospital. They are all taking turns staying the night with Jessie, his mother, a Christian. So, she’s not there by herself.  Pray the Jesus heals his body, mind, spirit, and emotions, strengthen him, give him peace, contentment, joy and helps him. Pray for his rehabilitation, return to school and church, and continuous Christian growth. He will need counseling, therapy, a prosthetic leg, financial assistance to pay for his medical bills, etc. please note that his father died several months ago and his mother Jessica his working hard to support three boys!
  • Jazzmanie’s relatives in Lowell, Jessica, Margarita (Grandma), Victor Sr. (Grandpa), Carmen (Aunt), Jahaira (Aunt), Victor Jr. (Uncle), Josue (Uncle), Tony (Uncle), his brothers (Pedro and Edwin), cousins and other relatives across the USA and Puerto Rico. Pray the Jesus give the family strength to deal with this situation, guide them , give them knowledge, provide all the support (emotional, physical, financial, mental to deal with this situation and the hospital and rehabilitation costs.

Thanks and God Bless you.  Flor

Thanks be to God all worked out with the inspection situation, and we are grateful…now, we just need to get to work on the inspection/list and get everything boxed and ready to move! Love you all and so appreciate your love and prayers. We are praying for God’s mighty best over you :-) Teresa

Shalom Brothers and Sisters,
I received a text from Corry today requesting prayer for Beau. He is not doing very well and they cannot seem to stabilize him. He is suffering from paranoia and delusions. Please pray for the L-rd’s perfect will to be done in his life, that He will meet him where he is and touch his heart and his mind. Please pray for the L-rd to give him His peace and that he will be able to feel the tremendous love He has for him. Please also pray for the L-rd to give Corry and the rest of the family peace and strength and that they will be able to feel His precious presence with them. Thank you for your prayers, Avelina
Request for more fervent prayer for Fran’s sister Rose who is awaiting a miracle happening, if it be in HIS plan..!! Prayer is requested by Debbie for her friend Jodie who has a serious problem with cancer and another miracle is asked for. Rod
Prayer Partners, the first prayer request is for the brother of a local doctor, who has been to Peru and now is going into kidney failure. The doctors are baffled. The second prayer request is for baby Breden, 1 year old. He is now back at Connecticut childrens hospital. His hemogloban (spelling) is now 6.4 and 11 would be normal. Again—now THESE doctors are baffled. Can you all please ask Jesus to lay his healing touch to both of them? And—as usual I want to thank you all for being there for all our prayer needs. cathy
Pat M. requested me to ask all of you for prayers and forward t o all your prayer lists the name of Gary morrow. Gary is the husband of Pat’s boss, Caron and father of their son, Matthew. He is having a procedure and surgery done today to repair his heart valve(s). Caron, who came into work today got a phone call to come to the hospital in Morristown near where they live but I don’t know the details. Also while you’re praying could you put in a good Word to Our Lord for me. I’m doing orientation today for the part-time job for which I was hired but got a phone call just minutes ago from my temp agency for a much better paying office job in Allendale. They’re sending my resume to them so pray that, if the Good Lord pleases, that I may get that one. Thanks, and, I’ll say it again, I pray for all of you daily intake Rosary. Love & prayers, Karen
Harderay GOT SICK FROM DIABETES.  HER FRIEND goes to OUR tues. night Biblestudy. Tony Husinger’s SISTER NEEDS to COME BACK TO GOD.  Open up DOORS FOR Tony.  GOD BLESS YOU. Wayne
I just found out that our assistant Pastor Dave is in ICU since Tuesday because of his diabetes. Having problems with his keytones. Please pray for a miracle for our Pastor Dave. Love and blessings always, From Michelle C. Responses can be relayed through Donna Mae
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Church-Related Prayer Requests

Anglican Cycle of Prayer Requests for This Week: Spokane – (IX, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd James Waggoner; Springfield – (VI, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Daniel Martins; St Albans – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Alan Smith; St Albans – Bedford – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Richard Atkinson; St Albans – Hertford – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Michael Beasley; St Asaph – (Wales) The Rt Revd Gregory Cameron; St David’s – (Wales) The Rt Revd Wyn Evans; St Edmundsbury & Ipswich – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Martin Seeley; St Helena – (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Richard Fenwick; St Mark the Evangelist – (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Martin Breytenbach

This Week’s Prayers for Friends in Christ: Melkite Catholic Church and Patriarch Gregory III Laham; Romanian Catholic Church and Lucian Mureșan; Russian Catholic Church and Bishop Joseph Werth; Ruthenian Catholic Church and Metropolitan William C. Skurla; Slovak Greek Catholic Church; Syriac Catholic Church and Mor Ignatius Joseph III Younan; Syro-Malabar Catholic Church and
Mar George Alencherry

Leaders: Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Francis, Pope; +Katharine, Presiding Bishop; +Michael, Presiding Bishop-Elect

Clergy: Rev. Annie; Ann+; Chuck+; David+; Eric+; Gillian+; Georgia+; Greg+; Deacon Ingrid+; James; Jim+; Deacon Jon; Layne+; Les+; Laura+; Mark+; Mary Ann+; +Pierre; Perren+; Pastor Peter; Sandra+; Steve+; Tommy+; Thomas+; Tom+; Tony+

Prayer Ministries: Agape Feast; Answers 2 Prayer; Heaven’s Prayers; Jesus Harvest Time; The Mother Theresa Center; Whosoever Prays

Individual Prayer Partners and Religious: Emily; Frankie; Sr. Gloriamarie; Jean and Gary; Maire; Theresa

Members of Religious Orders (list courtesy of The Daily Office)

All Saints Sisters of the Poor, UK
Alton Abbey, UK
Benedictine Sisters of Bethany, Cameroon
Community of All Hallows, UK
Community of Christ the King, Australia
Community of Divine Compassion, Zimbabwe
Community of St. Clare, UK
Community of St. Francis (women), California; Korea; UK
Community of St. John Baptist, New Jersey & UK
Community of St. Mary – Northern, Southern & Western U.S. provinces
Community of St. Mary at the Cross, UK
Community of St. Mary the Virgin, UK
Community of the Blessed Lady Mary, Zimbabwe
Community of the Gifts of the Holy Fire, Zimbabwe
Community of the Gospel, USA
Community of the Holy Cross, UK
Community of the Holy Spirit, New York
Community of the Holy Transfiguration, Zimbabwe
Community of the Paraclete, Washington
Community of the Sisters of the Love of God, UK
Companions of Mary the Apostle, New York
Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas
Episcopal Carmel of St. Teresa, Maryland
Holy Name Community, Zimbabwe
Malling Abbey, UK
The Melanesian Brotherhood
Mucknell Abbey, UK
Order of Julian of Norwich, Wisconsin
Order of St. Anthony the Great, Texas and Georgia
Order of the Holy Cross, New York, California, Ontario & South Africa
Order of the Holy Paraclete, Ghana & UK
Order of the Daughters of the King
Quaker Monastery, Michigan
Sisters of Charity, UK
Sisters of Emmaus Monastery, Michigan
Sisters of St. John the Divine, Ontario
Sisters of St. Margaret, Massachusetts, Haiti, Sri Lanka & UK
Sisters of the Transfiguration, Ohio
Society of St. Francis (men), Australia; Brazil; Korea; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Solomon Islands; California, New York; UK
Society of St. Francis, Third Order – Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and the Americas
Society of St. John the Evangelist, Massachusetts & UK
Society of the Holy Cross, Korea
Society of the Precious Blood, UK, Lesotho & South Africa
Society of the Sisters of Bethany, UK
St. Gregory’s Abbey, OSB, Michigan
St. Joseph’s Monastery, Mississippi
St. Mark’s Abbey, Australia
and for Orders in other Communions and Churches

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Prayer Requests

I want to thank all you who prayed, concerning the problem we was having, with our next door neighbor. He installed a privacy fence.  It’s on our property.  It looks really nice.  I think it adds a nice touch.  He is so happy over putting a fence in our yard.  He thinks, he pulled a good one on us.  The fence is a blessing from the Lord and it didn’t cost us a dime! He got what he wanted.  We got what we wanted absolutely free!  Only the Lord, could work out such a peaceful solution.  Now, he is no longer staring and trying to intimidate me, all the time.  I am glad, he thinks he got his way!  The Lord does cause, all things to work together for our good, because we love Him, and are the called according His purpose. Blessings to all you, who love our Lord! His by the blood, Karen

Nick, my long time friend and Christian Brother. He has a blood clot in his leg, it’s either dissolving it or death. Patty, my precious ex-sister-in-law. Has cancer of the blood and takes infusions every month that cost 10 Grand and paid for by Insurance. There is no known cure. She is the Woman of God!!! Peggy

Greetings in Jesus name. I hope you are being blessed by God.Keep faith in Hi m and in due time He will answer your prayers. Thanks for your prayers.For years we have suffered in our small housing and rent has not been easier either.We cried and prayed to God for the same month in month out.Of-course i believed one day God will do a miracle.We thank God as now we are able to get a home with water and electricity fixed.This week we are moving in as for now it is being cleaned up and we are arranging on moving our goods out. Despite this we are also trusting God for the church and today Monday we are going to put a new church.I am led not to tell how much we need for the new church but pray that we raise it up as God wills. We Love you all. Pastor Isaac&grace Mwagi(Mr &Mrs) All Nations Pefa Church

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Prayer Requests

Baby James came through surgery well. The doctor was able to put the patch on and close it up! Hard to believe as we’ve waited so long for this! He has a device attached to stretch the skin and hopes to be able to close the skin over it by this weekend. This is a long term situation. The hope is that the patch  can stay there for several years till he is bigger and the muscles can then be pulled together when there is more room. Please pray that he continues to  tolerate it and his lungs adjust quickly. Thanks for praying! Hugs, Sharon

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Peggy McCulloch has been in Houston the past few months receiving medical treatment.  I visited with Peggy last evening. She informed me that her medical team is recommending Hospice care.  Please pray the that Peggy will have a sense of peace and the courage to face the days ahead.  May she be embraced by God’s loving care. Blessings! Father Les

I am asking for prayers for my brother in law Dan who had a tooth so infected, even 7 Novocaine shots would not numb him and he had to be put out….thank God he was with an oral surgeon and not just a dentist. He needs prayers to get rid of that infection quickly & heal up. In October he has a knee replacement so also needs prayers for no problems, to give the Dr. wisdom and guidance and for him to heal up quickly with little or no pain. In Jesus’ Name.
Thank you m y Praying friends Your sissy in Jesus, Marlene

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